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英会話に必要な単語 : English Vocabulary Words for Speaking

No man's knowledge here can go beyond his experience. ― John Locke

英会話に必要な単語数は 2,000 !

How many English vocabulary books do you have? Japanese people work very hard to study English, but remember that studying very hard just to memorize the definition in Japanese is a very inefficient way of learning English. If your goal is to be fluent in English (or at least to be able to speak English), stop trying to memorize the English words definition in Japanese. Actually it's a waste of time, because if you know very well how to use just 2,000 important words, you can already speak English quite fluently.


If you want to learn English more efficiently, you should try the following 4 things.

1. 関連語も含めて単語の理解を深める

Before studying vocabulary or look for the definition of words in dictionary, understand the difference between each related word. By doing so, you will be able to understand how to use words more easily. For example, what's the difference between "happy", "unhappy", "happier", "happily" and "happiness"?

2. 働きかける側と受け身の単語を使い分ける

In English, there is a difference between active vocabulary and passive vocabulary. It's just as same as Japanese. Active vocabulary is used when the subject of the sentence does something towards something else. On the other hand, passive vocabulary is used when the subject receives information from the other. For example:

  • I need to finish this report until tomorrow.
  • The Japanese culture really fascinates me!

use active vocabulary, and

  • This report has to be finished until tomorrow.
  • I'm really fascinated by the Japanese culture!

use passive vocabulary. When you are able to switch all the verbs you know from active to passive and vise versa very quickly in a sentence, there will be a huge progress in your English.

3. 英語は話せるようになることが目標

Do you want to be fluent in English, rather than just knowing the definition of words in Japanese? If so, change your goal from expanding your English-Japanese vocabulary range to knowing how to use them in daily English conversation.

There are many English learners who know 8,000 words, but they cannot speak a single sentence. On the other hand, there are people who know only 2,000 words and they can speak fluently.

4. 単語は日本語で暗記せず英文を多く読む

Does your favorite English vocabulary book have good online reviews in Japan? No matter how good reviews that book have, and how much you feel you're learning English, stop reading those definition and translation in Japanese. The best way to deepen your understanding of English is reading, reading a lot. It will increase your vocabulary for real. Furthermore, there are more benefits if you start reading in English.


When you start speaking English and using it in many ways, actually you will learn more words more efficiently. For instance, while you're talking to your friend or while you're reading a book, you can always guess the meaning of unfamiliar words that they use. Then what you can do next is to ask the meaning to your friend, or search the same word/phrase on the internet to see how it's used by English speaking people. By doing so, you will understand each new word deeply from the beginning, and you won't need your English-Japanese dictionary any more. Isn't it great?

Well, that's all for today's note. Thank you for reading my blog every day, see you next time!