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修学旅行と英語の話 : How to talk to foreigners on a school trip

Travel, in the younger sort, is a part of education; in the elder, a part of experience. ― Francis Bacon


Where did you go for your school trip in high school? Do you remember how it was? For me, I remember it very well but almost only about how boring and awful it was. I just read that some lucky students, or more precisely approximately 12% of highs school students go abroad (i.e., U.S.A., Taiwan, Singapore, Malaysia, Australia and etc.) for their school trip. It sounds so exciting! I wish I also could have a school trip abroad like that.


Thinking about the current situation of English education in Japan that absolutely needs to be revised, if the majority of younger generation in Japan could have a chance to trip abroad in high school it would be a huge progress!

The most popular destinations of school trips abroad from Japan seems to be contries of East Asia and Southeast Asia. They are locationally and culturally close to Japan, and more affordable compared to the one in Europe and America. Some parents of the students might think that traveling to Asia is not quite great for their children to practice speaking English ― but it's not true; English is a widely spoken language in Asia. In addition, all the experience they can get will be more worthy than anything else.

Travel, in the younger sort, is a part of education; in the elder, a part of experience.Francis Bacon


When I went to Kyoto and Nara for my school trip, we had an odd assignment in a group. That was, to talk to tourists on the street in English, and to conduct a questionnaire survey about Japan. I couldn't believe it! It was just awful... I really support the following opinions of people who discussed about it on Yahoo! answers Japan.

Please read also the following post; learning how to use English is not only about speaking to white/caucasian people!


My memory of a school trip in high school is not so vivid as it should be, and I hope that younger generation will have greater experience than me in their school trips. It might be still OK to have an English related assignment during a school trip, but it shouldn't be only about "an" experience of speaking English. After all, the more important thing for adolescence and high school days is the adventure; or the exploration outside of the school.

In this life, you should read everything you can read. Taste everything you can taste. Meet everyone you can meet. Travel everywhere you can travel. Learn everything you can learn. Experience everything you can experience.Mario Cuomo

Well, that's all for today's topic. Thank you for reading till the end and always waiting for my every day update. See you next time!