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英語日記ブログを1ヶ月書いた結果 : One Month Blogging Results



Until few days ago I was delighted to be the blogger of this English diary blog and very motivated to continue blogging in English. I think, my English got improved a lot thanks to this blog. Also, blogging every day in English taught me many other things about websites, creativity, ideal life and etc.

However, I noticed that actually there is nobody who encourages me. I want someone who leaves a comment and say hello to me on every post... So far, nobody left a comment on my blog. Is there something wrong? Not only in English but also in Japanese. I'm very sad about this result. I'm so disappointed and discouraged. I'm not sure if I still want to continue blogging. Is it because of the Shame Culture in Japan? Sigh...

I'm sorry, maybe I'm a little bit tired tonight. Thanks anyway for reading till the end.