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とにかく英語をたくさん使う : Use English As Much As Possible

Learning never exhausts the mind. ― Leonardo da Vinci


It's been 20 days after I started writing a journal every day in English. I'm proud of my self! So today, I want to introduce you the four steps how I immersed myself into English. The word immerse is a verb, which means involve oneself deeply in a particular activity or interest. If you use English as much as possible like me, it will quickly improve your English skills. Trust me!

1. とにかく英語をたくさん読む

First, I really recommend you to start reading something in English. Forget the textbooks with full of explanations in Japanese, and use only English. Or at least, use English more than Japanese. Personally, I'm very happy if you could read my blog every day;)

2. とにかく英語をたくさん聞く 

Listening to something in English is a fun part. You can listen to music you like, and there are thousands of interesting radio programs/podcasts on the internet.

3. とにかく英語をたくさん書く

Writing something in English is a bit harder than just reading or listening to something in English. However, to practice building English sentences there is nothing better than trying to write in your own English. So worth trying!

4. とにかく英語をたくさん話す

I know that there are not so many opportunities to speak English in Japan, but you can make a chance by yourself.


If you have a goal beyond learning English, you can be more serious about how you learn English. There are many books and private classes in Japan, but is it really worthy to pay? Again, I really recommend you to immerse yourself in English. All thanks to the internet, it's getting easier and easier to do so. Do whatever you can and follow the four steps above, then it'll open your way to master English language.

Well, that's all for today. Thank you for reading till the end, see you next time!