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海外学習者の英語上達法 30 選 : 30 Tips for Learning English

Best 30 Tips For Learning English By Successful ESL Learners


On the internet world, there are tons of tips for learning English better. As an example, these 11 Tips to Help You Learn English Faster that I found today will definitely help Japanese people learn English faster.

I also found a very good website that shows many ESL learners' sincere English learning tips. So I want to introduce you 30 tips from them that I selected for Japanese people. Let's start!

英語上達法 30 選 : Top 30 - 21

30. 英語を猛烈に好きになる

To fall madly in love with an English.Ayça Arikan, Turkey

29. 恥ずかしがらず多くの人と会う

Don't be shy and try to meet a lot of people.Andreatta Elisa, Italy

28. 英語を学ぶための決心をつける

Be determined to learn English.Juliana Souza

27. パートナーと一緒にたくさん話す

One of the best ways is to learn language together with the partner, talking as much as possible.Fokin Vadim

26. 1週間でも良いから英語圏の国で過ごす

Do not hesitate to visit an English speaking country, if you can. A week gives you more than six months at home. And trust me, I know what I am speaking about ;-)Tomas, Czech Republic

25. 英語が話せるペンパルを探す

Search a penpal (which can speak english or is a english native speaker) and write long English letters. Therefore you'll have a good English writing training all over the year.Claudia Suter, Switzerland

24. 興味のあることを英語で読みながら学ぶ

Read newspaper and magazine articles that interest you. Write down any new or difficult words. Try to guess what you think they mean from how they are used. Check the meanings in a dictionary.Ylle Blakqori

23. BBC を聴く

Listening to the BBC.Faiz Farsi

22. 英語を自分の言語とみなす(特に海外での初対面で)

Concidering English like your own language: don't be afraid of commiting mistakes, make you understand to the one that you are talking to, no mater who he or she is: American, British, South African, Chinese.Kevin Antoine Kinzimou, Republic of Congo

21. 自分より英語のできる人とは英語だけで話す

Find someone among your friends who knows English better than you and try to speak only English to him/her as often as possible; find someone among your friends or younger siblings and cousins who knows English worse than you and try to teach them.Inkwit

英語上達法 30 選 : Top 20 - 11

20. とにかくたくさん英語を読むこと

To read a lot, not only books but newspapers and magazines as well! There is so much good and new vocabulary in a book that we have no idea! That's why I try to read in English at every opportunity that I have! Even if I don't understand the meaning of that word, I can understand the meaning of the sentence and by that I can try and guess what that word really means! Francisca Paisana

19. 何か新しいことを英語で始める

Build your English vocabulary doing smth new e.g., do a new sport, start a new hobby, play a musical instrument, try gardening, learn to paint. In this way you will like to know a lot of new words. (When I got interested in homoeopathy in such a way I've just learned the names of some herbs e.g., inula, St.John wort, bird's smart weed).Inkwit

18. どっぷり英語に浸かる

The full immersion.Carmela Giannico, Italy

17. ネイティブと話せる機会は逃さない

speak with the native-speakers any time you have this opportunity. Join in the school activities, excursions, entertainments in city you live. Speak to people around you, be kind and friendly and respect those who help you improve your English.Elena Koltsova

16. 英語の歌を歌詞を見ながら歌う

Listening to English songs and check out the lyrics and sing along.Michelle Lai, Hong Kong, China

15. 色々な国からの友人をつくる

My second advice is to make friends from different countries, and keep in touch with them. If you have English speaking friends, you will learn English automatically - new phrases and useful words, you will feel free to speak.Alena Zatkova

14. コンピューターのアプリ等は英語で使う

Next advice would be more for computer users. If you install a new programm on your computer, if you register in the communities or if you simply chat, then do that in English! It's very usefull and interesting!Baira Ednyasheva, Russia

13. 家で話せる英語の先生

A english teacher (natural speaker) at home.Susanne Ley,Germany

12. 英語を話す仕事環境で働く

My fifth advice and I think this is the best idea how to learn English effectively is to find job in English speaking environment. This will be my next step on my way to learn English as good as possible. I am from Slovakia and we have many international companies here and I would like to work for one of them.Alena Zatkova

11. 写真や動画などのメディアを活用する

I advise using the computer in order to see pictures, photos, and all kinds of media. Look carefully at the movement of the lips and pay attention to some strange vowel sounds, by imitating and making tests.Ziad shamout, Syria

英語上達法 30 選 : Top 10 - 1

10. 自分には才能がないなどと思わない

You shouldn't think you probably "don't have a talent for language". This is a nonsense. The fact that you speak your mother tongue freely is a proof that you can acquire any other language. You need a sincere interest in what you are doing or better you need a thirst for knowledge. You will only learn if your subconscious mind is ready to learn. Necessarily, you must be confident, strong, active and stick to practicing English because it takes you much time to gain success.Dang Thanh Tam

9. たくさん読むこと(ただし何を読むかは自分で選ぶ)

Read, read lots. It's fun to do and you also pick cultural facts, history, slang. All depending on what you are reading though.Alma Rates

8. 短いストーリーを英語で書いてみる

Write short stories in English so you can learn to write in English.Thora

7. とにかく英語圏で英語の経験値を積む

Firstly, you must learn english in a native speaking english country. For example, learning English in England. I think england is the best fit. England is the main source of english, begining. England is a cosmopolitan city, has a lot of different culture. Before learning in a foreign country, in your country, you must make a accumulation of english.Ibrahim Yücedag

6. 英会話だけじゃなく書くことも学ぶ

Finally, I think that very important way is not to learn speak only but how to write too or vise versa.Elena Filippova

5. 英語が必要な会社で働く

to get a job in the company where the knowledge of English is necessary. It is a motivational method.Fokin Vadim

4. 何よりもまず理由を見つける

First of all I think - you need to find the reason. Why do you want to study foreign language?Smirnova Alexandra, St. Petersburg, Russia

3. 知っている英語で話して間違いに気付く

Use what you know. Even if you're not confident about your english knowledge or pronunciation or whatever it is. If you keep listening to yourself you'll notice your errors and can practice a better way to communicate.Alma Rates

2. 英語で新しいことを学ぶ姿勢を持つ

You should be open to learn new things.Nilgün Arikan, Turkey

1. 英語を学ぶための強い動機を持つ

Having a strong motivation. I am very interested in literature, particularly in Japanese classical poetry. All my books are written in English or are translated in English. I write poetry in English. I have wonderful friends and pen pals, and English is the only way to communicate our thoughts. Being an eye doctor, it is important to me to read books and articles in English and, also, to be able to speak English with my patients, when the occasion turns up. Last but not least, English is the language of globalisation and we must accustom to this idea.Dana-Maria Onica, Petrosani, Romania

最後に : 日本人との違い

Japanese people tend to look for these kind of tips in Japanese. They also have a collection of English grammar/exercise books written in Japanese, and watch language teaching TV programs/online videos which have full explanation in Japanese (instead of watching BBC).

Undoubtedly, Japanese people's English learning process are slowed down along these ways. To accelerate your learning process, I really really recommend you to follow the 30 tips I introduced you above because they're all from successful ESL learners!

Well, that's all for today's topic. Thank you for reading till the end. See you next time!