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英語で外国人と友達になる : Making New Friends in English

英語で外国人と友達になる : Making New Friends in English


The main purpose of learning English is to have a good, real conversation with people you can't communicate in Japanese, and become friends with them! Yes, learning English has to be something useful, it's not only for passing the center exam to enter a good university in Japan. So today, I will talk about how to make new friends in English!

1. ネイティブ以外に英語の勉強友達を作る

Stop being picky for making only native English speaking friends, it's absolutely absurd. Finding non-native English learning partners is a great way to get motivated yourself. It's not only because they have same goal as you, but also it's more fun rather than studying alone. If you could make friends that you can hang out together and practice English together, it's even better. Ultimately, you will have more diverse English speaking friends.

2. 挨拶や乾杯の言葉などは英語以外も積極的に使う

When you're in an international community, you will talk to many non-native English speakers in English. That's the reason why English is the most important language on earth for sure, but what if you also know some words in other languages? You can start a conversation with people more easily, and it will really break the ice. What I surely recommend to remember is, words for greetings and words for cheers.

3. 言語だけでなく世界の文化に興味を持つ

If your interest is only in speaking English and traveling abroad "somewhere", you might have difficulty making new friends in English because you will sound boring person immediately after 1 minute conversation. To be able to make interesting meaningful conversation, you need to open your eyes to how the cultures are similar and different between Japan and other countries.


It's also important to keep learning about Japanese cultures and traditions to get prepared to be able to explain them in case when you're asked. Yet, don't forget that you will still learn a lot of things about your own country from foreigners. Indeed, the more people from around the world you talk to, the more you will discover about your own country.

4. 日本人の価値観を押し付けない

Regardless of whether you aware of it or not, if you grew up in Japan and have never met foreigners before, your behavior must be "too Japanese". So if you want to make new friends all over the world, changing your personality when you speak in English would help you make new types of friends much easier.

英語友達になりませんか :)

Well, that's all for today's topic. Did you enjoy reading my English? Or would you interested in becoming English learning partner with me? If so, please don't hesitate to leave a comment on the post.

Thank you for reading till the end, see you next time!